RVM Talks

RVM is an Inspirational and Motivational speaker. He has transformed the life of many people, across the globe. His exemplary oratory skills have the power to captivate and engage his audiences and help them live a fulfilling life.


RVM is passionate about making a difference in people’s life through his talks. He talks on a diverse range of topics that are inspired from his own life experiences. These topics include ‘motivation’, ‘inspiration’, ‘success’, ‘inspiration’ and ‘transformation’. His most valued and acclaimed talks are:

  • Discover a better way to live
  • Live a life of purpose and a direction
  • Way to Happiness, Fulfillment and Contentment
  • Succsex – Success through sex transmutation
  • Power Your Life with PEP (Positive Energy Power) – Enhancing life by living and thinking positively
  • RVM’s 100 SOS (Secrets of Success)


RVM has addressed several colleges, schools, institutes, corporate and clubs. Some of these include: Jain University- Bangalore, Rotary Club- Delhi, Rotary Club– Calcutta, International School of Business and Media- Bangalore, St. Joseph’s Boys High School- Bangalore, Federation of Indian chambers of commerce and industry (FICCI), Institute of interior designers (IIID), The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) and corporate like Symphony and Emphasis. He has also addressed audiences at several YPO platforms like Manila, Jakarta, Malaysia, Philippines, Delhi, Punjab and Hyderabad.

To listen to some of RVM’s inspiring talks Click Here


RVM Talks Testimonials

Rating for the event a 9.5!

Great event, Very out of the Box, Intellectually stimulating and Good Valentine Package
Everyone had a good time!

YPO Indonesia – Manila

I am speechless and in awe at the service you are doing to society. You are such an inspiration. Thank you so much for being just who you are and I am thankful that I was able to attend your session today.

Shiv Shankar (Symphony Services, Bangalore)

The Best Things about this event:
A different and interesting angle,
Interactive (interaction with participants),
The Passion of the speaker to share,
Ravi approached the subject very openly and honestly,
Very Educative

YPO Philippines – Jakarta