Ravi Melwani and his Life Transforming Journey

25 Apr 2019

Ravi Melwani was an innovative and dynamic retailer who revolutionized traditional retailing in India through his mega-stores Kids Kemp and Kemp Fort. He then moved on to become a vibrant philosopher, poet, singer, inspirational speaker and author. Ravi Melwani took his first step towards turning a new leaf when he realized that there is more to life than just making millions. Ravi Melwani then decided to dedicate his life to H.I.S work – Humanitarian, Inspirational and Spiritual initiatives. Ravi Melwani was also known as RVM.

Ravi Melwani believed that one must spend before one’s end and that money must be used for a good cause to serve the suffering and needy. And to bring this belief to life, he set up a trust called Humanitarian Hands to serve the underprivileged sections of the society.

At the zenith of Ravi Melwani’s retailing career, he decided to shut shop and move away from his lucrative retailing business, dedicating his life to more meaningful priorities. RVM wanted to share his knowledge with the rest of the world to add more meaning to people’s life. RVM authored several books like “I Wanna Be Happy”, PEP “Positive Energy Power”, and “RVM’s Secrets of Success”.

Ravi Melwani was also, at one point in time was an ardent devotee and built a 65-foot statue of Lord Shiva at the SHIV Temple, old airport road, bangalore He wrote and sang several devotional Bhajans at the temple. And when time permits, RVM travels around the world admiring and appreciating the breathtaking work of the Creator.

Ravi Melwani realized that life is short and one must make the best of it before it is too late. RVM believed that one must not just exist, rather one must live, by not only being happy but by spreading happiness to others as well.</

Melwani’s happiness comes from touching people’s lives through his humanitarian, inspirational and spiritual efforts. RVM also says, don’t just earn for others to burn what you earn. We must fulfill our duties but must not get carried away to do more than our duty and let our need become greed. We must convert what we have earned into a legacy that will live on forever!

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