Ravi Melwani and his life-altering books

25 Apr 2019

The richest person is not the happiest person, the happiest person is the richest person.
— Ravi Melwani


After having achieved the highest pinnacles of success, Ravi Melwani realized that there was more to life than just accumulating millions. He went on a soulful quest to find a new meaning to life, discover a more fulfilling way to utilize his time and talent. He returned with a new found learning that we serve the purpose of our existence only when we dedicate ourselves to making a difference in the world.


He naturally chose to become a positive-life philosopher. And to share with others the most exciting way of living, he authored some of the best motivational books. Let’s look at some of the life-transforming books authored by Ravi Melwani more closely:


I Wanna Be Happy


Happiness does not depend on what you have. It depends on how you feel. You may have everything and yet be unhappy or you may have nothing and be happy. Happiness is not about momentary pleasures. True happiness is a feeling that lasts for a long period. Anybody can be happy and this is one of the many books by RVM that gives everyone inputs on how to follow simple steps that lead to assured happiness for all.


100 SOS – One Hundred Secrets of Success


Ever wondered what made successful people successful? There is no mystery and there are no real secrets, but just simple principles that they used, which guaranteed success. Yes, success is difficult, but not that difficult if you use the right mix of principles. This inspirational book by Ravi Melwani reveals 100 secrets of success, where the reader is sure to experience a transformation in his life the moment he starts following these principles.


Power Your Life With PEP


Think Positive! Everyone keeps hearing this phrase but how does one Think Positive all the time? Very often we are faced with negative circumstances and people who force us to react negatively.


This book by Ravi Melwani shows readers how one can confront the negative and convert it to Positive, how one can fill life with PEP (Positive Energy Power) and lead a life of positivity. To start this exciting journey, all you have to do is think positive right now and read this book!


A Power We Call God


Have you ever wondered “Who made the sun, the moon, the stars, the birds, the animals and the flowers?” Somebody has done it, some Power has done it. We may give this Power many names but nobody denies the fact that a Power exists, a Power that makes the sun that glows, the water that flows and the breeze that blows.


This book by Ravi Melwani is one of the best books about life which can leave you with a strong sense of spiritual fulfillment. It will take you a step closer to the Universal Power where you can remain connected with that Power always!


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