“Look at the people around you. Some Inspire you, some Perspire you
Be with those that build Energy in you” – RVM

In simple words, Inspiration is being mentally stimulated to do something. It is a state of being where the mind is moved by sudden intellect or emotions that urges immediate action or response. Inspiration is the spark that leads to creativity and boundless imagination.


At the RVM School Of Inspiration we believe it is Inspiration that leads a person to transcend from mere achievements to Fulfillment- the ultimate goal of life.



  • I – Intuition & Imagination
  • N – Never Ending Power
  • S – Success & Achievement
  • P – Positive Passion
  • I – Inner Motivation
  • R – Roaring Determination
  • A – Aspiration, Dreams & Goals
  • T – Total Obsession
  • I – Internal Energy
  • O – Optimistic Enthusiasm
  • N – Never-give-up Attitude


When you live a life led by Inspiration, everything becomes possible.

Always be Inspired!