If you can be Glad, but you choose to be Sad…You are MAD!

27 Apr 2018

We are all a little crazy. Why? Because we can choose to be Happy, yet we choose to be Sad! Now, doesn’t that make us Mad? Happiness is a choice. It is up to us to be Happy. We must first decide to be Happy, no matter what, and then, work towards being Happy.


Life is Life. Things will happen around us. There will be events that disturb us, people who anger and provoke us. Neither can we control those events, nor can we control people. What we CAN control is our reaction to such happenings and people, because ultimately, it is our own reactions that make us unhappy.


How will we react when things go wrong for us?  Will we lose our calm and become furious?  Will we turn bitter and full of hate? Will we fall into a bottomless pit of self-pity? Will we lose confidence in ourselves?


Or will we brace ourselves and deal with unpleasant situations and people with a calm mind, a smile, with courage, fortitude and patience? This, to be precise, determines how Happy we will be.

Let Go. Forget and Forgive!

Sometimes, for our own peace of mind, we simply need to let go of events or people who hurt us. Do we do that? No. On the contrary! We keep thinking about it. We hold on to our hurt. We curse our hurt, nurse it and rehearse it, when we should actually reverse it! We begin to carry a grudge that grows bigger with time. We refuse to forget, forgive and move on. The result? No one suffers but us. We become miserable. We become bitter and desperate. With so much negativity in our lives, how can we ever be Happy?

Reflect. Why do we react the way we do? It is our own choice! No one tells us to become agitated. Does anyone hold us at gun point and say, “Keep thinking about who hurt you. Be furious!” Certainly not. We do it of our own accord. And this is what we must change.


Each one of us holds the key to our own Happiness!


  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s not worth it. 
  • Not every argument has to be won. 
  • Learn to handle situations calmly. 
  • Don’t overreact. Even if you react impulsively, you may regret it later. 
  • Don’t let people or circumstances rob you of your Happiness. Be in control.
  • Why should anyone have that kind of power over you? 
  • Don’t take everything so seriously. Smile, laugh, enjoy the little things of Life! 
  • Accept people as they are – imperfect and flawed. Accept events you can’t change. 
  • Embrace positive energies. Be loving, hopeful and compassionate.
  •  Help others! Selfless acts of kindness contribute to our sense of well-being – it’s a proven fact. 
  • Learn to be Happy. Choose to be Happy!

    Despite knowing that we can be Glad,  if we still choose to be Sad, then aren’t we Mad?


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