Inspiring and motivational books by RVM

RVM has authored a number of Life Transforming books. His books have inspired thousands of people across the globe. Some of the books include


This book is dedicated to my Guruji Dada J. P. Vaswani, the head of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Pune. Dadaji to the world is a philosopher, a humanitarian, an educator, an author, an orator and a spiritual leader. To me, he is my God on earth. Dada has taught me to live more meaningfully and has helped me shape my Life Philosophy. Today, if this book has been possible, it is because of Dadaji. I humbly dedicate this little offering to my Guruji, with all my gratitude.

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RVM unveils the secret to eternal happiness. Discover six simple steps that guarantee happiness. If we follow these steps our life will surely be transformed. In this book RVM proves that anybody can be happy if one truly desires to be so.

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In this book RVM explains the meaning of 100 highly inspiring quotations penned down by him. He believes these quotes helped him move from a life of Achievement to a life of Fulfillment. This book is a true treasure that everyone must possess.

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Discover the power of Positive living. Control and take command of your thoughts. RVM explains the power of positive emotions over negative emotions. Always choose positive emotions to live a life of Joy, Bliss and Fulfillment. Pep your life with excitement and enthusiasm.

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RVM’s SOS motivates, inspires and guides people to be successful in everything they do. Find out what it takes to each the heights of success. Simple steps explained in a simple yet effective manner. RVM guarantees that anybody who truly practices the SOS is sure to achieve unmatched success.

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